Friday, September 22, 2006

This Week

It was a good week for new things - and largely successful new things at that. Saturday lunch was bread and vegemite - have converted the lovely boyfriend to eating this particular Australian delicacy, mid afternoon snack of scotch egg then griddled steaks and salad for dinner.

Sunday toast and coffee with the papers till late, then some hard core cleaning after which we rewarded ourselves with a beer and some lunch at the Fentiman Arms - the sun was shining and so it was very pleasant to be out on the terrace with more Sunday papers then we had smoked salmon on Hoxton rye later which was very good indeed

Monday was coffee and cereals same all week, lunch was hock and white bean salad and tomatoes and sugar snaps for lunch - same till Thursday - then the first untried dish of the week - stir fried pork and green peppers with rice

Tuesday same as Monday then out to dinner at Maree's new flat in the evening

Wednesday was the second new dish - dill rice that was fabulous with spiced lamb burgers and beetroot salad

Thursday we had lamb and rice for lunch and my sweetheart was out in the evening and I was late home after the first of the new term of French classes so I had beef burgers and salad and bread from Paul for dinner

Friday cold burger and salad for lunch and Spanish omelette for dinner using the last of the chorizo from the freezer and the lovely english ratte potatoes and the bunch of leeks

Not much left over this week - half a lettuce that hit the bin, an aubergine that will make a weekend salad and the pork crackling that is now in the freezer till another day

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