Friday, September 08, 2006

This Week

Saturday we had bread and fennel salami and truffle mortadella and sheeps cheese and plum tomatoes and rocket from the garden for lunch and sublimely good pasta with girolle and cream for supper

Sunday we started with coffee and toast and the sun was shining so we walked to the old Tate and saw an interesting Howard Hodgkin exhibition then had a quiet pint in the pub next door facing the river then home to feast on our giant scotch egg - it was very good and is now on the list of edible weekend snacks along with pork pies and Irish smoked salmon. It was steak and salad for supper - a lovely way to finish the weekend

Monday it's coffee and cereals and the same all week for breakfast, the lovely boyfriend had cheese sandwich and a fresh russet for lunch while I had leftover steak and salad and we had further experiments with Fuchsia Dunlop's new book and tried pock marked woman's bean curd (I kid you not) and green peppers with black beans and rice and it was very very good

Tuesday the lovely boyfriend had leftovers with rice which was reportedly very nice thank you very much, I had a sandwich from Konditor and Cook that was all right and a bakewell tart from St John's that was lovely. At the last minute Marie couldn't make dinner so we had masses of guinea fowl and lentils with a side serving of green beans and, much to the lovely boyfriends delight, a surfeit of chocolate pots

Wednesday it was lentils for lunch and reheated leftovers for dinner followed by chocolate pots

Thursday was the last of the guinea fowl and lentils for lunch and then a simple vegetable curry for dinner - two pans, two bowls, great flavour, minimal washing up

Friday I had scrambled eggs for breakfast using up the yolks from the midweek chocolate pots - the decadent opposite of egg white omelette, cheese sandwich and apple for lunch and we're out tonight to see The Alchemist at the National so we'll grab a bite somewhere

The bacon and sausages disappeared into the freezer at the weeknd and didn't re-emerge, the yellow courgettes looked a touch manky by Thursday so were binned and not curried, and the aubergines and cucumber are still okay and will become salads over this weekend, the little disc of goats cheese is still there as is the small block of hard cheese for grating that may well get used mid week over cauliflower soup. The broccoli and half a bunch of spring onions may not make it any further - not too much waste at the end of the week - and still a couple of cheese sandwiches in the freezer for another day

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