Friday, September 15, 2006

This Week

It was a busy week for us, mostly partaking of London's famed cultural feast. Friday night we saw the brilliant production of 'The Alchemist' at the National so had a selection of meze at Tas beforehand.

Saturday we had mozzarella and parma ham and bread and salad for lunch and a late afternoon snack of pork pie before going out to see 'Gaddafi' at the ENO. The music was interesting but the show was trite and entirely one dimensional.

Sunday the lovely boyfriend made smoothies and coffee and then we had roast pork for lunch like proper Sunday dinner. I made a paste of garlic and fennel and stuffed it into the pocket where the bone had been then roasted it to crackling perfection served with new potatoes, carrots and leeks and it was very good indeed. We had cold pork sandwiches later after seeing 'Naked Lunch' at the Barbican.

Coffee and cereals and yoghurt all week for breakfast, lunch on Monday was the rest of the pork pie with potato salad - I'd cooked extra at Sunday lunch - and mange tout and baby tomatoes. Dinner was a bowl of iffy lasagne at Baracco before seeing the still brilliant 'Bad Timing' followed by a Q&A with Nic Roeg and Jeremy Thomas - the second film we saw in the season devoted to the films produced by Jeremy Thomas - he can certainly pick a good script and take it all the way to being classic cinema

Tuesday was the rest of the roast pork for lunch with potato salad and trimmings, dinner was grilled beef sausages, grilled aubergine salad and tossed green salad

Wednesday was cold sausages, spiced aubergine and salad for lunch, I was out that night so I left my sweetheart some defrosted cauliflower soup and granary bread for his supper and he had a cheese sandwich instead

Thursday it was cheese sandwich from the freezer with apples for lunch and zucchini and tomato dal with cucumber, coriander and yoghurt for supper

Friday is leftover dal for lunch and the cauliflower soup that needs eating up with some bread and cheese to follow

Not much leftover this week - the minute steaks went into the freezer for sandwiches another day and there's still plenty of eggs

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