Monday, September 25, 2006

I Bought

The sun was shining, a light breeze was blowing and the lovely boyfriend had to stay home and wait for a man to come and paint the kitchen ceiling so after a quick coffee to boost my resolve I set off alone to Borough and - joy of joys - it wasn't specially busy yet so my path was relatively easy

At Ginger Pig John cut a whole shoulder of lamb into two for me, and bagged them separately so that one half can go straight into the freezer with nothing more than labelling, two garlic toulouse sausages to go with some we had in the freezer, eggs and some unsmoked oyster bacon - £19.90

A pork pie for weekend snacks - £4.50

A chat with Marie and a tub of stuffed vine leaves from Borough olives - £1.50 - special discount!

Apples from Chegworth Valley farm - finally realised that is the trading name of Kent apples (I'm nothing if not slow) - £1.10

A big runny slab of gorgonzola, a quarter of sheeps cheese spiked with truffles and a small disc of goats cheese from the Italian cheese stall - £11

Carrots from Total Organics - £1

Mussels from Shellseekers - £6

English rattes, courgettes, skinny green beans, my first butternut squash of the autumn from a mountain of wonderful pumpkins but I couldn't get parsnips at Booths - £6

A small tub of smoked salmon because it was so good last week - £3.50

Kevin was in fine operatic voice at Turnips - and they had parsnips - £2.80

Neals Yard at the end for milk and bread and a ripe slab of brie de mieux because it is my sweethearts favourite - £9.20

By now I was staggering under the weight of all this with a bulging cloth bag over each shoulder and a couple of carriers - don't usually carry much at all - how strong the lovely boyfriend must be!

Tottered onto the bus having spent £66.50

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