Monday, September 11, 2006

I Bought

Fabulous night at the National on Friday to see The Alchemist. It was the first of a few nights out and I hadn't thought much about food for the week so I was vaguely out of sorts at Borough Saturday morning. The sun was shining but it wasn't too busy so things got steadily better.

The only clear decision I had made was a desire for porchetta for Sunday lunch so I bought a lovely piece of boned rolled leg of pork at Ginger Pig the skin scored and a good ridge of fat and some eggs £14.20

Pork pie from Mrs Elizabeth King - £4.50

Didn't have one but bought a hangover cure juice from Total Organics - fresh mix of apple, fennel, ginger and orange juice - my favourite of all their mixes. We did once try the wheatgrass - don't care how good it is for you it is disgusting to drink proving, should proof be needed, that grass is for cows making steak for supper and that is the way of the world - £3.50

Wanted beef sausages from Wild Beef to have for lunches a couple of days and then, on a whim, also bought a couple of minute steaks largely because we had talked about steak sandwiches recently and they looked like they'd fit the bill perfectly - £8.70

Apples and strawberries from Chegworth Valley Farm stall - £3.60

Onions, courgettes and leeks from the veg stall round the back - £2.10

What I thought was a poppy seed loaf from Clarkes that turned out to be caraway bread with poopy seeds stuck to the crust - and the lovely boyfriend doesn't like caraway but I do - £1.30

Mozzarella and parma ham from the new Italian stall - £7.70 including 10p discount for bringing the tub back from previous purchases

Carrots from Total Organics £1

Potatoes, mange tout (the sugar snaps looked a little limp this week), cucumber, bananas from Booths £4.80

Milk, and every kind of yoghurt - cow, sheep and goat - plus ciabatta from Neals Yard £9.60

Coffee beans from Monmouth £8.50

The inevitable chocolate brownie £1.50

This week is £76.50

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