Monday, September 18, 2006

I Bought

We managed to make it to the market by about 9 on Saturday - it was busy but not manic except for the traffic trying to get round the tiny backstreets and failing miserably so they lean on their horns to no effect. It's good to catch the bus.

Ginger Pig was the first stop as usual and I bought half a kilo of minced lamb, a couple of thick rib eye steaks, a slice of pork steak, a scotch egg and, because I am susceptible to my own greed especially when hungry, a scored piece of pork skin to roast into crackling because I love crackling - £21.40

Two ham hocks from Silfield Farm - it' the first time they've had them for weeks so I got one for lunches this week and one for the freezer - they make great stock for soups and risotto - £5.90

Tomatoes from the Isle of Wight - £3.50

Oak leaf, cucumber and leeks from the veg stall at the back - £3.20

Green peppers, aubergine, sugar snaps, english ratte potatoes because I've only ever had french ones from Booths - £6

I stopped at the Irish smoked salmon stall to buy some and was rewarded with a large slice with fresh lemon squeezed over presented on a white paper napkin - to keep me going - £3.50

Went to Monmouth to buy some coffee for one of the lovely boyfriend's colleagues and sampled an interesting El Salvador coffee and then a spectacularly good Guatamalan one that was recommended by the woman who served me - she was very knowledgeable about all the beans she was selling, with a huge language to describe them much like wine buffs have, and of course I bought the Guatamalan - £4.50

Milk, bread and yoghurt from Neals Yard - and a sample of raisin and walnut bread to finish my browsing breakfast - £9.60

Chocolate brownie for my sweetie - £1.50

Total - £58.10

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