Friday, September 01, 2006

This Week

This week was a good week - Monday was a holiday so even with bad weather it was still better than working.

Saturday we had hot sausage sandwiches for lunch - they were great - melted butter mixed with ketchup dripping down our chins - lovely. We were out in the evening drinking with David down by the river so needed feeding during the day.

Sunday - smoothies for breakfast with coffee and newspapers before setting off to see an old Bunuel film - Exterminating Angel - his surreal (of course) film about guests unable to leave a dinner party and their descent into a kind of hell. Entirely engrossing but very strange. It was on at the Ritzy as part of a contextualising Spanish cinema season leading up to the release of Pedro Almodovar's new film. Sunday night we had inch thick grilled steak with salad - one of my favourite meals in the world.

Monday - smoothies and coffee and papers again then off to see Volver - and it was an unalloyed pleasure to watch - I would happily have sat through another couple of hours of it. Went home to lunch on pork pie and salad instead. For dinner we had grilled beef noodle salad after cooking the gammon and brown rice salad and, just to be domestic I defrosted the fridge and now it's all clean and shiny - a satisfying day off

Tuesday - coffee and cereals all week for breakfast, gammon and brown rice salad for lunches for the week and a slightly overambitious dinner of spicy pork balls and sea spice aubergine which were great with a less successful side dish of stir fry cucumber using a recipe from my new Fuchsia Dunlop book (it arrived that morning and I had to make something) all served with rice. It certainly made a lot of washing up

Wednesday - a more restrained evening meal of spaghetti with zucchinis - very simple, very good, very little mess

Thursday - simple again with grilled pork chops from the freezer with boiled new potatoes and salad

Friday - cooked extra potatoes last night to make a salad to go with the last of the gammon for lunch, and we'll probably have stir fry chicken for supper - hopefully a more successful recipe from my new book

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